Stolen key moving company was moved into prison

One moved in the company of young men in the field, after the resignation of possession corporate key, while moving company owner home when commodities within the company hire a steal.   
On February 24, the kuiwen Dong Guan, Public Security Bureau police on duty in the receiving area of the police station moving company Manager Peng reported: Jining, back home for the Spring Festival during the Spring Festival and came back to find the company's wooden beds, trolleys, sofas, televisions, car tires, air conditioners, installation tools and other bulk items were stolen, thieves steal tools within the company down. After the alarm, the police investigation will eventually lock theft suspects worked in the company of young men in a body.   
It is reported that Zhang was people in Mianyang, Sichuan, last June went to Peng's moving company working on February 12 this year, when he resigned, left a moving company secretly two door keys. While Peng when I went back, on February 20, Zhang with originally left two key opens the door, enters to hire a moving company the main items stolen.   
The morning of February 28, when faced with the evidence, and a confession of his stolen moving company facts. Currently Zhang has been arrested

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