Relocation of specific groups of migrants

Special Group in the migration   with the construction of the three gorges project has advanced steadily, and placed second-phase resettlement task is becoming more urgent workload, relocation work has entered a crucial stage, period. Because of the historical, economic and many other reasons, relocation is particularly complex, significantly different from type, found in many immigrant groups, there are a number of special community: loss, poor workers and poor families and the infirm and special care and assistance, and so on. These particular immigrant group moved on time as scheduled, the quality and quantity of places, to a certain extent, affect the resettlement process, influence the construction of the three gorges project.   A, and special groups specific appearances   immigration relocation in the of special groups connotation broad, on its features,, main refers to losses enterprise and discontinued, and half discontinued Enterprise (following said double stopped enterprise) SHC workers, and residents and poverty family, honors disability soldiers and "three no" relief object,; on immigration relocation,, exists difficult relocation, and difficult placed, and difficult relocation "three difficult" phenomenon.   First, loss-making companies, "double stop" companies have relocated. Submerged enterprises in reservoir area of the three Gorges are mostly edge, mini, micro, lost enterprises, play a pillar role, affecting the national economy enterprises are rare. More serious enterprise economy in the reservoir area, mainly has the three characteristics: one is loss. Submerged in the wanzhou area relocation companies amounts 955, mostly loss-making companies or shut down, half in production enterprise. Fiscal end of June 1999, wanzhou district, according to the statistics, immigration flow of development finance and trade enterprises in wanzhou total 349 households, loss-296, loss of 85%. Commission end of June 1999, according to the district statistics, immigration zone above designated size industrial enterprises in wanzhou total 311, loss-210, loss of 67.5%. Second, high debt ratio. By the end of June 1999, immigrant development finance and trade enterprises in wanzhou reached 8.665 million Yuan, transportation and Enterprise losses totaled 170.17 million Yuan. Loss-making companies asset-liability ratio is a common feature of high zero assets, insolvency, serious debt runs very popular, some enterprise asset-liability ratio is as high as baifenzhijibai, basically became a "shell company". Third is the shortage of funds. Loss-making companies in addition to the technical quality of the products is low, no market, no market, no benefits, assets, capital shortage, some enterprises are loans, by selling old stock, plant rental counter struggle. Loss-making companies, "" double stop "enterprises to carry out the removal, to properly arrange workers alone immigrant funds out of trouble, it is considerable.   Second is unfavorable (resident), unemployed placement. Because enterprise economy in the reservoir area are extremely bad, loss of business, "double stop" companies predominate. Unfavorable (resident), laid off workers occupy a considerable proportion. Federation in late 1998, wanzhou district, according to the statistics, wanzhou immigration development zone, where the average monthly income of less than 100 Yuan to unfavorable 16750, staff and more than 50,000 people. According to statistics from immigration zone employment Bureau in wanzhou, by the end of June 1999, wanzhou immigration zone to enter the re-employment service center laid off workers totaled 36379. If the enterprise does not go to work without wages, workers laid off and only living invisible workers, far more than that. According to Federation statistics, wanzhou district estimates, poor workers, unemployed and impoverished residents in the relocation of at least 50% even more. Relocation of impoverished workers, unemployed workers must not simply equal to "re-employment relocation."   Third, special care and relief harder to move. Because our country is a socialist country, the fundamental purpose of wholeheartedly serving the people is the party, crisis relief is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation and common prosperity is the ultimate goal of Socialist construction, relief "alone, no sources, no work force", "three noes" objects and sick of poor persons, special care and junlieshu and serve as retired military and disabled veterans are our unshirkable responsibility. Special care and relief funds, involving wide, policy-oriented, also occupy a certain proportion in relocation, cannot be ignored. According to statistics from immigration development zone Bureau of wanzhou November 30, 1997, principal, first disabled soldiers drown in wanzhou district relocated only amounted to 44. Involving domestic population was 171.   Second, the countermeasures and suggestions for   1993 after the three gorges project began, party and Government at all levels and the vast number of cadres and masses in TGP reservoir area undertakes "migration, poverty alleviation, development and stability," four strategic tasks. District party committees, Governments, and relevant departments attach great importance to immigration, relocation of the residual groups, and placement firm, Tong said.   To seriously defined special moving objects. Strong migration policy, involving a wide range of identification of objects, defined, families work, implementation of specific statistics on head, strive for accurate, complete, and thorough. Do not only book, not on the CD, only on the truth, both immigrants and contribute to social stability; neither sentimentality and reasonable, legal, compliance, ensuring an idea, inspection, approval right.   Second, introduce specific relocation policy. In not rebelled against national immigration relocation policies of premise Xia, to on national, and on immigration, and on history height is responsible for of spirit, for immigration relocation of special groups, in respect immigration wishes, guarantee immigration lawful rights and interests of of situation Xia, introduced special of, and miniature of relocation policy, such as built suitable of immigration district, and expand immigration service space,, put immigration relocation of the economic index quantitative, and refinement, and materialized, formed operation sex strong, and grasp degrees suitable, and transparency high of implementation rules and approach. Resettlement in enterprise, on pollution, products have no market, losses, insolvency of the inundated enterprises, according to the State Council [1999] 53rd, spirit, the bankrupt firm bankruptcy, the closed firmly closed, preventing the emergence of new sources, sources of losses. For those high-quality new products and markets to benefit enterprises, through support, Enterprise "from three to one strengthening", joint-stock grafting, transformation, asset restructuring, capital operation, implementation of portfolio move, cultivate a support enterprise scale, the scale and level, to large, strong and invigorated, fundamentally solve the migration problem. On SHC workers, and residents and guantingbingzhuan broken enterprise workers, in guarantees they basic life based Shang, constantly widened re-employment road, take effective effective of measures and variety encourages policy, help more of shut stopped enterprise workers engaged in agricultural production or two or three industry, and from project, and funds, and information, and technology aspects give support, put party and Government of care sent to they of heart Shang, real makes they "moved obtained, stability have live, gradually can rich.   The relocation of three to take special measures. Special groups moved to adhere on a county basis, quota planning, static, dynamic, within the principle of living within our means, unless there are special policies, also to take local conditions, special measures for guidance. Will take a stand, one system, one policy, one family, one of several relocation patterns, not across the Board, unfavourable wind, not applying pressure, through painstaking and meticulous ideological and political work, a solid foundation of work and services, making them subject to relocation planning and requirements, happily move relocation early, early distribution, active early, early wealth.   Four special support policies to be implemented. General characteristics of specific groups are economically well off. Take immigration relocation opportunities, achieved economic Shang of fundamental change, will implementation special of helping policy, well "relocation Hou" service, absorb has made of poverty experience, widely carried out more level, and multi-channel, and more form of helping measures, put "helped wisdom" and "poverty" combined up, put immigration relocation and development poverty combined up, put development open and common rich combined up, put special groups helped Shang rich road, again sent a drive, solution immigration worries, ensure "immigration, and poverty, and development, and stable" four strategy task achieved.
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