Overseas purchasing mouse to move split single tax avoidance

"Mail through customs introduced new rules on tax adjustment, increase the intensity of inspection of international shipments, this store from now on implement limited purchase, and may cause shipment delay due to customs inspection. "Since the 1st of the month and mail tax adjustment" deadline "after the arrival of such notices in various overseas residents frequently visible on the site.  

According to the General Administration of customs recently issued by the General Administration of customs on adjusting the means of personal postal articles related to management measures for purposes of notice, from September 1, personal postal articles raise the tax-free threshold. However, reporters found that many overseas residents have not stopped purchasing business, but instead "mouse move" model will be shipped parcel into more than one item to avoid tariffs.  

-Purchase "non-cash" to line up  

"If you want to store cash, within 2 days to arrival, made a purchase will slowly. "The purchase of a Taobao cosmetics store owner told reporters that she heard last month and mail tax will raise" the wind ", the assault hoarding large quantities of goods," according to the normal pace of sales, the stock sold for nearly half a year. " 

Reporters saw identifies products in many purchasing site "spot" or "purchase" two identification. Shopkeepers said that if the goods need to be purchasing, consumers you need to follow to place an order order "queue", and each order can be delivered within the two cosmetics.  

"50 goods subject to the new rule provisions of the customs tax and mail tax exemption, as this tax is 50 Yuan on a bottle of perfume. However, the probability of small parcels were found is relatively small. "The in-store customer service, told reporters. She also said that, even if the goods were seized, pay the tax is borne by businesses, but customers will be delayed for a few days of receipt.  

-Purchase businesses encounter overseas "limited"  

"Mouse move" type of overseas residents, the General Administration of customs yesterday pointed out that customs concessions on personal tax provisions do not apply to purchase of goods.  

"Overseas purchasing, online shopping, buying from abroad and pay the purchase price of goods does not fall within the meaning of the Customs Act, but to the foreign trade of goods. "Customs officials say, because of the nature of the goods, purchasing of goods no matter how much value, should be in accordance with the regulations for import and export clearance of goods, including taxes, point of national public safety and health requirements of the license certificate.  

According to the Customs charge, outside some businesses and authorities began on China's overseas purchasing sellers "blocked". Australia informed the relevant authorities recently, said local residents scattered through delivery channels after buying milk from the supermarket to China. Australia says, this does not guarantee the country's milk powder on one of these links should not be mistake, health hazards to users, so decided to take limited measures to buy locally. A Coach store or even a buyer in New York more than more than 40 Chinese Coach package customers included in the "black list", even though the consumers said they would only prepare the bags gifts home to friends and relatives, and non-commercial purposes.  

-Tax "elimination" of purchasing business  

Head of the General Administration of customs said yesterday that adjust individual postal articles import duty exemption criteria are more in order to combat tax evasion business no unreasonable burden on normal import of personal belongings.  

"According to most personal mail in respect of goods imported from 10% to 20% rate, recipients have to pay taxes only between 50 Yuan to 200 Yuan. "The head of the General Administration of customs said, tax requirements are affordable.  

The official also said that "personal effects" after goods imported through the adjustment of tax lever in the name will no longer have a clear price advantage, because it belongs to informal sources of goods, consumers cannot provide after-sales guarantees, so will be gradually eliminated in the market.  

But many sellers say, because of its special network operators with small shops, good micro, purchase goods over the Internet if you follow normal channels to clear the goods for import and export procedures, costs and tax burdens will be hard to bear. "Now that the shop licence, pay sales tax and entity stores differ whether import duties can also enjoy a discount?" A Taobao seller posted at the Forum said.
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